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Stimulate continuous monitoring in personal and physical health

Improving how patients prepare for surgery

Improving how athletes prepare for sport competition

Helping professionals manage remotely patients’ health after hospital discharge and identify risks for adverse events in athletes


Online Congress TU/e: Performance by Innovative Health

On the 7th of May, students from the Eindhoven University of Technology (partner Inno4Health) will organise an online conference about the “Performance by Innovative Health” and innovating prehabilitation in sports…

Publication Imec: Paper Sensors 2020, 20(24), 7302

In 2020, Imec submitted a paper and it was published in Sensors  (Sensors 2020, 20(24), 7302). The paper was published as part of the “ITEA Inno4Health 19008 project”. See more…

Publication Inno4Health in Yearbook Holland Sports & Industry

Inno4Health has published an article in the yearbook Holland Sports & Industry to promote the project and create awareness about Inno4Health. Holland Sports & Industry is a magazine in which…

ITEA3 Project Inno4Health started

As per today, the Inno4Health project officially started! The ambition of Inno4Health is to leverage on the growth potential of wearable electronics, smart body patches and home monitoring technology to…

ITEA3 Project Inno4Health approved

In June 2020 the ITEA3 application , Inno4Health was approved for funding by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. Since ITEA already gave a positive adivse about this project, the project will…