Inno4Health's presentation during the ELIS Innovation Summit - Inno4Health

Inno4Health’s presentation during the ELIS Innovation Summit

On April 20th, Philips and SportBizz had the possibility to present ITEA3: Inno4Health during the ELIS Innovation Summit ( at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

The event was opened with keynote speeches from Marjolein Janssen (Philips) and Marianne Timmer (Olympic Champion ice speed skating) who are one of the sports ambassadors of the project.

During the day, 500 attendees from the industry of sports, tech, innovation and vitality could follow an inspiring programme including the presentation of several new innovations.

To see the presentation of Inno4Health itself, click this link: Inno4Health presentation


1: Presentation Ad de Beer about ITEA3: Inno4Health

2: Marianne Timmer OLY, Dutch basketbal international Chatilla van Grinsven with E. v/d Akker and Camil Smeulders of SportBizz