ITEA3 Project Inno4Health approved - Inno4Health

ITEA3 Project Inno4Health approved

In June 2020 the ITEA3 application , Inno4Health was approved for funding by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. Since ITEA already gave a positive adivse about this project, the project will start from November 1, 2020. In the meantime, other countries can apply for funding in their country. The consortium covers 37 organisations in 6 European countries, like the Nethelrands, Romania, Lithuania, Portugal, Turkey and Finland, The consortium is completed with Canada.

Inno4Health will be a pioneering project in the area of comprehensive data capturing and interpretation outside of the hospital walls and the sports training field. Inno4Health aims to build a platform of monitoring solutions that include a generic set of components and technical capabilities such as algorithms and decision support systems that can be adapted flexibly to address both healthcare and sports applications with user groups that are either patients and doctors or athletes and performance coaches.

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