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Remote Monitoring System to Support the Management of Vascular Diseases


Requirement Specification for a Remote Monitoring System to Support the Management of Vascular Diseases.


The development of smart wearable systems for healthcare monitoring has driven extensive efforts from academia and industry in recent years. The present work sought to identify requirements which are essential for designing a smart wearable remote monitoring system to support the management of selected vascular diseases. To this aim, we reviewed the current research and developments on smart wearable systems for monitoring patients with intermittent claudication (IC), venous ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers (DFU), and a set of functional and technical requirements were extracted and described with the help of clinicians, after studying related projects, clinical scenarios, and healthcare needs. Regarding IC, the requirements focused on measuring the walking capacity and determining the moment at which ambulation cannot continue due to pain. For venous ulcers, sensors will be used to monitor the time spent in a given body position and the pressure applied by compression products. Plantar pressure distribution while standing and temperature will be the main monitored variables for DFU, measured with force and temperature sensors embedded in in-shoe insoles. Coaching services will inform patients and clinicians about the patients’ health status, behaviors to adopt and other insights for decision-making support. These users will interact and receive feedback from the system through mobile and web applications. The main innovation aspect of the proposed system consists in a set of intelligent services that allow the smart coaching of patients and healthcare professionals, promoting healthy behaviors and increasing the involvement in treatments, addressing current gaps and needs.


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